What is the best way to learn about digital marketing

The best way to learn about digital marketing so what are all the different options for learning digital marketing first we will look at that.

  • Read books about digital marketing
  • Attend a digital marketing course with classroom or online training
  • Work in a company as digital marketing junior or intern (scope is less)
  • Practice digital marketing yourself through your own website

So practicing digital marketing yourself through your own website is best the best way to learn digital marketing because if you read books you are only going to get theory. if you are going to attend a digital marketing course you are going to see some practice but you are not going to practice it yourself you will not have enough opportunity to do that.

if you are working in a company as a digital marketing junior or intern you will learn digital marketing but nobody will hire you as a digital marketer. if you don’t no digital marketing in the first place so it’s a little bit of problem there but what you can do is that you can start practicing digital marketing yourself through your own website and that is the best way to learn digital marketing.

The advantage with digital marketing

You can start learning with a computer and internet connection this is all you need to start learning digital marketing and that is a huge advantage with this topic think about other industries such as medical industry,  construction industry or manufacturing industry to learn these things you have to depend on others but with digital marketing you can start learning yourself so almost all tools and techniques work on free trials and small budgets so you can become a digital marketing expert with less than 5,000 or $100.

all you need to do is register domain hosting website sign up for a few free trials of different tools then you can go ahead and start even doing paid advertising such as Google Ad Words, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads all with a very small budget and doing this will put you far ahead of the competition whoever is learning is digital marketing with a digital marketing courses or things like that.

i am not saying that digital marketing training programs are not good it is good if you can take the training and also implemented yourself but you did not pay very high for a full time digital marketing course you can do the same thing yourself known from different sources on the web for free and start implementing yourself.

Start with a domain and website

  • Register a domain name for around Rs.100 or $2
  • Buy a web hosting plan
  • Install a wordpress blog in it, optimize for SEO
  • Open social media pages for your brand (SMM)
  • Drive some paid traffic to it. $10 per platform is enough to get started.(Paid Advertising)
  • Start building an email list(Email Marketing )

Next steps

  • Choose any topic that you are passionate about like bikes, cars, fashion, technology.
  • Search for an available domain name and register one – this is your brand name.
  • Come up with titles for 5 articles and writing.

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