4 Favorite Songs from Entrepreneurs Around The World

vienna billy joel
vienna billy joel

As an entrepreneur, you face new challenges everyday that sometimes can bring you down. We have a great song list from entrepreneurs around the world to motivate you in the business world. These songs can inspire you to stand up and get back to the business.

Never Give Up on a Good Thing – George Benson

never give up on a good thing george benson
never give up on a good thing george benson

As Alison O’Brien, CEO and co-founder JWalking Designs said, “Being entrepreneur means being all in, every day, despite the odds, because the reward is worth the effort. One song that reminds me to literally never give up is this song.” Can’t agree more.

Supergirl – Anna Naklab feat Alle Farben & Younotus

For Julia Avalon, founder of Avalon Medical Spa, her favorite song is Supergirl by Anna Naklab. She always listens to it and having a mental visualization of being a supergirl. This song is kinda inspiring for young women entrepreneurs.

Drive – Incubus

drive incubus
drive incubus

This 00’s song may be Francesca Montillo, founder and owner Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures favorite tunes. She tells this songs is all about being independent, facing uncertainty, fearing to take action, going along with the crowd or doing what you’re meant to do.

Vienna – Billy Joel

This song was a B-side track and it’s maybe an underdog song. Scott Paladini, founder of Bear Mattress, said that he feels as an entrepreneur, you are playing the role of underdog a lot against bigger, more established companies. This song could make us remember to enjoy the journey that is life and not getting burnt out. Yes, that is the essence of being an entrepreneur.

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